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How to use Grease for Natural Hair: One Step to a Healthy Scalp

The secret to healthy hair growth? Scalp care!

Healthy hair starts with the scalp, and that’s why we’re passionate about making scalp care so easy.

That’s also why we love our infamous Chebe Hair Grease!

Do you struggle with a dry, itchy, or sensitive scalp? Ready to switch up your hair regimen but aren’t sure where to start? This product is a great one-step solution to add to your routine.

The star ingredients of this fan fave are Chebe Infused Oil and Stinging Nettle. This isn't your average hair grease! Our natural Chebe Hair Grease contains no Petroleum and no Mineral Oil, so your hair is protected from any harsh chemicals!

Chebe Hair Grease

This dynamic duo works to protect and heal your scalp and promote hair growth. Chebe Hair Grease is the perfect product to care for your natural hair while protective styling in braids, wigs, and more. ⁠

PLUS, Chebe Hair Grease combats inflammation, balances scalp's pH, boosts strands with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants⁠.

Let’s be honest … There isn’t much that this product doesn’t do. 🙌

It’s so easy to use! After your regular shampoo and conditioner routine, apply to lock in moisture. It can be applied to your twist-outs to prevent frizz and can also be applied to your edges!


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